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11.11.2009 We have started a new project for little companies in Europe. This child, who now focus all our attention: a system for creating the free website as well as free e-shops: WEBUJE.COM

based on our "big" CMS and e-shops, but goes its own way for a different target group. In short: a few hundred templates, cool for SEO and marketing, and many more in easy to use package.

Tool, called WEBUJE.COM, will be available in other languages at 11/2010.

This is the first websitebuilder with implemented helpdesk system inside on the world. It's definitely FREE!




Creating pages and e-shops

Imagine that you have a depth which is not easy to fly. Do you need help. The easiest way would be if someone raises a bottle of oxygen and intuitively can be attached to the mask. Breathe in and swim.

Just as the way to the surface of our assistance with the development of online business using our software.


Our software

Creating a corporate presentation of static pages that someone will update the payment, it makes no sense today. How would you give someone under water straw. And for every meter of the surface had to continue to apply. You can survive with a straw, but the comfort of a deep breath, you can dream of.

We help with our WEBUJE.COM tool that allows you to create free websites or free shop. Climb from the depths of them, can be seen above the surface.


Other languages



If you need our support, you can select item called "HELP" in your administration.


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